Get More Bicycle for Your Buck By Dealing with an Established Bike Shop

Whether you prefer your two-wheeler experiences to be on road bikes, racing bikes, cruisers, or racers, there are a lot of contributing factors to make the time you spend bicycling enjoyable. It takes the right bike, with the right frame, tires, and accessories coming together to create that fusion of riding joy. Everybody wants to take pride in their ride, but what about the rider? Don’t you deserve to look your best, as well? One way to achieve that goal is to find the ultimate cycling shop with everything you and your bike require.

A quality full-service bicycle shop should be able to provide riders with a full line of name-brand bicycles of all types, a wide variety of accessories to customize those bikes, dependable repair facilities, and a great line of clothing. Outstanding customer service can also enhance the shopping experience. As one of the oldest bicycle shops in the Indianapolis area, Circle City Bicycles offers their clients all of these requirements in addition to a convenient location.


If you are in the market for a new bike, their highly-trained staff can work with you to ensure that you get the right model for your needs, including free computerized bicycle fitting. When you purchase a bike from them you’ll also enjoy the extra perk of free lifetime minor adjustments on things like brakes and gears. You’ll also find an outstanding selection of accessories for your new bike such as mirrors, handlebar bags, locks, and panniers. And while you’re customizing your bike, you may want to consider giving yourself a new look with a great variety of jerseys, featuring a number of different themes, like your country, state, city, favorite rock group, or even your preferred beer. Shoes, shorts, and helmets are also available so that you can stay coordinated with your bicycle.

If it pertains to making your cycling experience more enjoyable, the professionals at Circle City Bicycles will do everything they can to provide it. To make the buying experience even more enjoyable they can work with you on financing. Whether it’s a basic cruiser for getting around town, or a high-end mountain bike for weekend exploring, it pays to do business with experienced pros who can take care of you after the sale with maintenance, adjustments, and repairs.


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